Standouts include In The Valley, a seriously fun, funky number. Sunshine also jumps out, with a skipping melody Gringo manages to flick around a casual garage sound in a nuanced way. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ stumbled upon them just fucking around in someone’s dad’s garage. They are imperfect and gripping, taking yearning surf rock to its logical pop conclusion.

Embodying wild careless nights and even more fleeting romances, Gringo seem to ooze a carefree and freeform style that so many acts of a similar nature find difficult to hold onto. The album will make you want to run to the nearest body of water, fling yourself in and let the salt and sun do the rest.

Gringo may be new to some here on Aussie shores, but they know what we want. All we can say is thank you for bringing us an album that reminds us exactly how perfect summer can be, even on seven degree mornings.


The Shores is confident, exploring corners of surf rock and touching on psych in subtle and freeform ways, careful not to stick to any one aesthetic while letting each track flow into something new.

-Happy Mag